There are two parts to TapCare
  • Talk
  • Technology
These parts enable the best way of creating a personalised telecare system that is user based and aimed at providing both assistance and contentment.

How much does TapCare - Talk cost?

TapCare's first part is finding a way to have open discussions of needs and wants.

For this, we have developed a system using a stencil, Post It notes and guidance (both written and online support) on how to use them to gain maximum benefit.

The cost of this package is £45.00 (inc. free delivery in UK and VAT) to families.

Please contact us for institutional and commercial use.

How much does TapCare - Technology cost?

TapCare - Technology is a highly personalisable service so we prefer to have a short discussion about needs, existing infrastructure (both in terms of technology and care arrangements) and people who are going to be involved.

In simple terms, the costs are made up of:-
  • Device cost
  • Tag cost
  • Consultancy and set up

Device Cost

Currently, we advice using Android phones and tablets as they offer the best mix of affordability, robustness and NFC capability.

You have a choice of whether to buy the device outright or take up a mobile phone supplier contract.

Cost of a phone starts at c. £80 for a basic touchscreen device. Google's own phones start at c. £250. 

Tablet costs start at c. £160 for an NFC enabled device (cheaper devices do exist but many do not have NFC).

Tag Cost

NFC tags are around £1-2 per tag.

Cheaper ones are available but they have limited memory capacity and the short term saving does not make long term sense. Tags can be rewritten and used for more complex purposes so it is better to buy on the presumption of change.

Consultancy and Set Up

Generally supply a training manual and offer either a personal or online video call visit.

This is the main cost of the service but it is a one off cost as we want to make sure users and their carers know how to use TapCare without needing further training.

Costs start at £350 (+VAT) and we offer two ways of paying for the training either in one one-off  or four payments spread over the first year (a small credit charge is required).

Care Homes and Hospitals

For multi-site or multi-user installations, please contact us

We offer a number of ways of providing Tapcare in communities with both user and professional carer packages.

With large scale installations, we also offer integration into management systems for tracking and timing care visits.

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