Why Tapcare and Telecare matter

Reasons why you should care about Telecare

What really matters is making life easier and more contented for you and your family.

TapCare is about personal control.

Using Near Field Communication (NFC) tags and mobile devices makes it easy and cheap to make complex, regular actions repeatable and memorable for anyone. 

By matching and making existing objects and memories part of the care system, you can make advanced technology assist without overwhelming home life.

Use ideas like these:-

  • Put tags to call people behind photos of them to make dialling easy

  • Link holiday snaps to videos and music on the media player to make happy memories accessible

  • Put tags on silk flowers to link actions to memorable, beautiful images

  • Stick tags in notebooks, diaries and wallets or purses so they are embedded in known, loved belongings
There's lots of ways you can make Telecare part of your lives without ruining them.

Take control and make it your own.

Reasons why business and government agencies care about Telecare

Telecare and telehealth are both big ideas in government and business for enabling people to live at home and receive care and medical assistance as when needed.

As this infographic from Orange Telecom shows, there are lots of reasons why it all matters in financial, technological and business terms.

But you are not a business or government agency!

All this stuff is about providing and then monitoring sensors and systems of you and your family. It feeds back to professional care givers and companies and provides minute by minute data.

Many of these uses are very important as they are related directly to health issues. Using Telecare and Telehealth services for medical conditions is extremely sensible.

However, if it's about care, communication and relationships, then think what you want and need, not what they want to provide.

Personal independence matters, not merely for privacy, but also because it's good for you and your health.

Taking control of staying in contact, both with friends and agencies, is good for your mental wellbeing.

Using TapCare lets people help themselves for many reasons and in many ways.

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