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TapCare is a new service to enable personalised telecare. It aims to bring contentment to both people living their own independent lives and their families and care professionals.

TapCare has two parts:-

Enable people to talk openly and discover values, wants and needs

Choose technology that is easy to use and meets needs to create contentment

You can find out more about each on the following pages:-
Too many people, both families and organisations, try to install telecare or other technologies without understanding the actual needs and wants of the person they wish to assist.

Though done with the best of intentions, this use of technology without proper assessment can be destructive.

We show practical ways of creating affordable user-based telecare by both talking openly and honestly and then using appropriate technology.

TapCare enables independence through personalised Telecare. You can read more about the ideas here.

Easy to set up and cheap to maintain, TapCare creates:
  • Communication with family and professionals for mutual reassurance and reliable care
  • Connection with trusted local communities of friends and neighbours for chat and help
  • Contentment with easy access to personal memories and knowledge in photos, music and books
We help anyone talk through needs and wants and then choose and use the Telecare service they want and need through simple to use technology.

Contact Us to talk about your needs.

TapCare came out of our own lives

Tapcare works because we use it ourselves!

Have a look at this case study : Making a TapCare Clock

We can talk about how to use this system to make Telecare that works because we have worked both in our own home and locally to understand what can work, what won't work and how personalisation and independence come out of real conversations with users and carers about needs and expectations.

Talk enables discovery of real needs and wants

Using our TapCare-Talk system, families and professionals can discuss needs and wants with people in an honest and simple way.

Using spatial mapping ideas, we can draw out both complex and simple needs by looking around the home.

This process is about equalising the relationship between people so it's not about checklists and questionnaires but loves and hates.

Technology enables connection and simplicity

It's the simplicity of gesture, just a tap, to perform multiple actions that is the first key advantage of using TapCare.

The second advantage is that the simplicity of performing complex actions is coupled with ease of setting up and personalising them.

Almost any new device with NFC, currently a range of Android phones and tablets from Google, Asus, Samsung and Sony, can use the system and many people only need a small amount of training to understand how to set up and change tags.


You can contact us by email TapCareShare@gmail.com or by phone +44 (0)7808 480749

We're also on Twitter.

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